Chain Buster Racing - Big Ring Challenge - September 24, 20

Had another great weekend at the Chain Busters Big Ring Challenge.  

Riders can search for their photos by entering "2016CBBRC_####"  replace #### with the riders 4 digit bib number.

Riders can now search by their name.

See you at the next race

Mountain goat Adventures - Fools Gold - September 17, 2016

This weekends Mountain Goat Adventures - Fools Gold photos have been posted.

Riders can currently look up photos by their bib number.  in the search option type "2016MGAFG_###"  replace ### with your 3 digit bib number.

Riders are also able to search by their name.   In the search option type in your name and it will show photos of the rider from all races.  When viewing photos there is a listing on the right of the screen for "Categories and Keywords"  if you click on the link there it will bring up a search of all photos with that keyword.

Thanks to the volunteer crew....   I would have got lost trying to find my way out to the aid station.

Red Clay Ramble

Had another great weekend in Eatonton GA with Chain Buster Racing at the Red Clay Ramble

Photos & Video from River Ciry Rumpus

We have posted photos and video from this past weekends River City Rumpus in Chattanooga TN.   Genki Genki Panic kicked out another greatshow.  We were lucky to get some awesome video of several songs.  we have edited one and posted it so far and plan on editing another into a video.

Click this link View photos and Video

Rain Machine Photos

Several weeks ago we had the great pleasure of doing a  test rain photo shoot with a friend Keshia.  

We are now setup to do your rain photos.   We can photograph your workout ,biking, glamour, cosplay or anything you you would like.  contact us and book your Custom Photo Session.


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